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Out Loud Chorus – On My Dreams project

Out Loud Chorus a mixed LGBTQ+ choir from Washtenaw County in Michigan is working on a project – On My Dreams – Music by Jocelyn Hagen , text by William Butler Yeat

N-Media is mixing and edditing the video and audio from the project during the COVID-19 pandemic for the 2020 June PRIDE month

Each singer filmed themself remotely and I was able to sync the audio and resize the video to make the video wall in multiple ways to make this edit.

InstaPro Titan 360 has arrived at N-Media

The InstaPro Titan 360 cinema camera has arrived at N-Media

Now you can have N-Media produce your next 360VR experience with the Titan and the InstaPro 360

Call or Contact us for a rate card 440-944-0131


Diameter – Φ228mm

Lenses – 8 x 200° F3.2 fisheye lenses


Real-time / Post-processing Stitching 10560 x 5280 (11K 2D) 10560 x 10560 (11K 3D)


Post-processing Stitching 10560 x 5280 @30fps (11K 2D) 9600 x 9600 @30fps (10K 3D) 7680 x 7680 @50fps 7680 x 3840 @60fps 5248 x 2624 @120fps 10-Bit Video 7680 x 7680 @30fps (8K 3D) 7680 x 3840 @30fps (8K 2D) Real-time Stitching 3840 x 3840 @30fps (4K 3D) 3840 x 1920 @30fps (4K 2D)

Photo Files – JPEG / DNG

Video Files – MP4

Video Coding – H264 and H265 in-camera, Pro RES 422 HQ is available when post stitching.

Live-streaming Modes

Built-in server / Custom server / HDMI output 3840 x 1920 @30 fps ( 4K 2D livestream ) can store 8K 3D video while livestreaming. 3840 x 3840 @30 fps ( 4K 3D livestream ) can store 8K 3D video while livestreaming. Note: Simultaneous live-streaming + recording is supported.

Live-streaming Protocol – rtsp, rtmp, hls, rtmps

Bitrate Per Lens – Up to 180Mbps

ISO Range – 100~6400

Exposure Modes – Auto, Manual, Lens-by-Lens Custom, Shutter Priority (photo only), ISO Priority (photo only), Set ISO Upper Limit (video only).

White Balance Modes – Automatic, manual

Photo Modes – Single shot / Burst (10 continuous shots) / Timelapse / AEB (Auto Exposure Bracket, optional 3, 5, 7, and 9 photos for in-camera HDR photos) Note: Both RAW and JPG can be selected for simultaneous shooting for synthetic HDR photos and all other photo modes.

Video Modes – Standard (i-Log is available) / Binning (i-Log is available

Power – 19V 9A adapter

Battery Capacity – 10000mAh removable battery

Operating Temperature 0 – 40℃

Storage Temperature -20 – 40℃

WiFi Specifications: 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz. Signal range is about 20 meters in open space. Max preview framerate of 30 FPS, supported in roughly a 5-meter range.