Video and Audio Post Production

Pre production/production and post production Video and audio editing mastering, graphics and output to the medium of choice. Animations and effects.

360 VR Video Production& applications

360 VR filming in 4K and 8K, Editing for new media applications and Virtual reality VR 360 environments with Binaural audio, graphics, 3D models for Holo Lens, Mixed reality and Oculus

DVD and Blu Ray Building

DVD and Blu Ray Building

Compressing video and audio into MPEG  2, building of menus motion menus and text to navigate through the disk and file structure. Back ground graphics, Animations, text and hyperlinks to the web. AC3 audio and 5.1 surround sound audio, Multi Language  and Closed caption support.

Closed Caption


Closed caption for broadcast and web. FCC compliant.

Live Web Casting

Live internet broadcasting of video and/or audio from a specific location at a specific time. It can be a one-time, weekly, monthly or yearly event. From a one camera shoot to a 8 camera shoot, live switching from camera to camera and other sources  DDRs and power point presentations. An added full service ISP and hosting company can be incorporated or you can use your own ISP hosting service.